Wnba Contract Agreement

One incident set the tone for the season: in April, six months after the WNBA players pulled out of their last collective bargaining agreement and a month before the unwinding, Breanna Stewart, then Finals MVP and 2018 Seattle Storm WNBA champion, tore her Achilles tendon while playing in a European league. (Given the WNBA`s absurd salary, most players supplement their earnings by playing in leagues abroad during the offseason.) Where and when Stewart was injured is enough ammunition for a labor dispute, but the way it happened is also annoying: she jumped for a jumper and awkwardly landed on the foot of her defense attorney Brittney Griner — an experienced six-time WNBA All-Star who plays most of the year for a Russian club called UMMC Yekaterinburg. The scene plays out like a cruel twist in a fateful encounter: two women, neither of whom is in a just world, collide in the most unfortunate way. Low wages and limited or no maternity benefits have been two of the most discussed topics in the debate over the remuneration of female athletes. Under the agreement, W.N.B.A.`s maximum salary would increase by nearly 83 percent, from $117,500 to $215,000. And while some people believe that players who are demanding better salaries have asked to earn the same multi.B s million dollar salaries as their colleagues in the N.B.A., union leaders have insisted that what they want is a comparable share of their league`s revenue, which this deal would allow. The WNBA`s new collective bargaining agreement brings significant wage increases, improved travel accommodation and paid maternity leave, according to a statement from the league and players` association. The implications of the deal go far beyond basketball, at a time when women around the world are demanding higher salaries and benefits, alone and as a challenge to historically unequal wages that make them earn less than men for similar work. The setback was most evident in football, where the U.S. Women`s National Team continued its governing body and star players like Megan Rapinoe spoke out. .

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