Where Two Or Three Are Gathered In Agreement

So I often hear the verse used in churches or study groups: “Lord, we thank you that when 2 or more are gathered in your name, you are with us.” First, Jesus said in His name `where two or three are gathered`, so how could this apply to attitudes of four or more? And why would it take two or three believers to be gathered for Jesus to be in their midst? Is he not already present in every believer? So even if a Christian prays, isn`t Jesus already there? Notice in Matthew 18:20 that Jesus applies this ancient Jewish principle to testify in court—two or three must agree—and applies this legal cement to collect “in His name.” When these two, three or three thousand people come together and agree that they all believe in the same Jesus, his authority is there and they are a church capable of practicing the keys. This protects the who and what of the gospel.

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