Sign Agreement On Facebook

For example, imagine a customer coming to you in a few months and wanting to get a photo of you for exclusive commercial use. If this image is posted on Facebook, you cannot offer exclusivity to that customer, as Facebook`s existing license for that image would be a conflict. If you comply with this agreement, you may be in breach of either contract. If you explain this to a 13-year-old, indicate that the deal is commercial: the more you and billions of others are connected to Facebook, the more money Facebook makes by selling your personal data and the more powerful it becomes. Too much power concentrated everywhere— politics, economics, philanthropy — often ends badly. This legal agreement is used to inform users exactly what data you collect from them, how that data is stored and used and to what extent. This agreement also contains the conditions under which Facebook can modify the agreement. (You must be at least 13 years old to have a Facebook account, although many underage children have managed to find their way on the platform.) Facebook is barely the trendy social network for teenagers; Kids are switching to more popular services like Snapchat and Instagram (owned by Facebook). But there are still many things.

In the United States, the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) requires that, when personal data is collected by or through users living in the State of California through a site or app, that site or app must strikingly publish that legal agreement. In order for you to change the agreement, you therefore need a new offer and acceptance, this time from Facebook. . . .

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