Guilt Agreement

* Goran Jelisić pleaded guilty to parts of his indictment. However, he made no statement and there was no agreement from Plea. Historian William Keylor commented that the two American diplomats initially believed they had “found a brilliant solution to the reparations dilemma”; The appeasement of British and French and Allied public opinion, despite the fact that allied leaders were aware of concerns about The German willingness to pay reparations and the disappointment that might follow. [53] Vance C. McCormick (an economic adviser to Wilson) emphasized this point and stated, “. The preamble is helpful. We use an unusual method in which we do not set a certain amount. The preamble tends to explain this and prepares public opinion for disappointment as to what can actually be saved. Prohibitions therefore incentivize precisely the acts that are prohibited. [56] Stephen Neff wrote that “the term `war debt` is a bit unfortunate, because the term `guilt` means first and foremost for lawyers criminal responsibility,” while “Germany`s responsibility under the Treaty of Versailles.” .

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