Experiential Or Agreement Reality

What is the difference between the reality of experience and the reality of concordance? . especially when he/she doesn`t read/talk to someone else about it. This is important because the spiral of silence is only about perceptions and not about true reality. Your friend must think that the majority didn`t like the movie. If he/she discovers that you and your astute friends are a minority, he/she may revert to his/her original opinion. 1. A considerable amount of knowledge held by individuals arises from the acceptance of what is told to them by others. Why is it important for the sociologist to understand the difference between the “reality of convergence” and the “reality of experience”? This one is very interesting and you can try with your friends/family. Abercrombie, Nicholas, Stephen Hill and Bryan Turner. 2006. Le dictionnaire des penouins de la sociologie. 5.

The first. London: Penguin…

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