Enterprise Agreement Training Vouchers

New Horizons is Microsoft`s leading technical training partner, able to redeem your software assurance training vouchers and provide first-class training solutions. Until January 31, 2020, you can redeem your training vouchers for the training of any product category. As of February 1, 2020, all training on Azure will no longer be supported by current training centers that accept vouchers. All Azure training is delivered to Microsoft`s Azure learning site. Once you have completed a training, you need to redeem the voucher. Follow the instructions in step 7 of the workflow to ensure that all requirements are met for you to request payment. Training vouchers vary depending on the program and the number of eligible Office and/or Windows licenses covered by Software Assurance. Even today, talk to an apprenticeship specialist to find the right Microsoft training solution for your business. Once you`ve identified your available SATVs, you can redeem those coupons for free microsoft training. Last day for the collection of training vouchers. The advantage of training vouchers is completely eliminated.

Your training voucher benefits expire with your software insurance coverage. There are also changes in the conversion of support incidents from Premier to Unified Support. On February 1, 2020, support incidents can be implemented for longer. From that date, customers will receive a credit on their unified support agreement at each subsequent renewal. The Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV) program provides training to improve and update employees` knowledge and skills on the latest Microsoft operating systems, enterprise-specific applications, and software development tools. Q: How do I access content when I purchase a Microsoft license for training and certification solutions? Microsoft training and certification solutions are available in all regions as part of Volume Licensing. If you have any questions about pricing, licensing, and accelerated discounts, contact your volume account manager. Before taking training, your customer must first activate their SATV benefit and then assign it to your organization. Detailed instructions with screenshots showing the steps your customer must take to create and assign you a voucher can be found in step 4 of the workflow. Microsoft training and certification solutions are available to selected companies and customers through Microsoft Volume Licensing Online Services. Each package is offered as a subscription license (SSL) service without requiring a User Subscription License (USL) or An Add-on Subscription License (ASL).

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