Cloud Software License Agreement Template

The EULA agreement essentially states that “you may use our software as long as you comply with this agreement. Here is your license. 3.3. Number of instances. Unless otherwise specified in your order, for each software license you purchase, you may install one (1) production instance of the software on systems that are owned or operated by you or one of your authorized users. We may also make “developer” licenses available for some of our software offerings free of charge, so that you can provide non-production instances, for example.B. for staging or QA purposes. For more details on applying for non-production licences, visit our website. A SaaS agreement is a proper contract between an application developer and the user who uses the application. The SaaS agreement is a condition of business or use of SaaS applications. 16. IP compensation by Atlassian. If your use of the Software is ordered (or likely in our opinion) whether by court order or settlement, or if we find that such measures are reasonably necessary to avoid essential liability, we may, at our option and discretion: (i) obtain the right or license for your continued use of the Software in accordance with this Agreement; (ii) replace essentially functional software; or (iii) terminate your right to continue using the Software and refund any royalties you have paid in advance for the use of the Software for the terminated portion of the term of the current license or, in the case of “indeterminate” licenses, the royalty paid by you, which has been reduced to reflect a straight-line depreciation of three (3) years from the date of purchase.

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