Agreement From The German Federal Employment Agency

If you have specific questions about your application, contact your contact person directly on the regional sites or by phone at +49 228/713-2000 and press the 2 key in the voice menu. You can visit us in person on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00.m – 12:00.m. Access to the German labour market depends on the provisions of the AufenthG. A stay for employment purposes is always subject to the authorization of the Federal Employment Agency (BA). This authorisation can be obtained as part of an internal procedure from the German diplomatic and consular representation in the country of origin (visa office) or from the competent local aliens office in Germany. Permission to take up employment is granted at the same time as the residence permit. In order to obtain a permit, it is always necessary that a legal provision gives access to the German labour market, that there is a concrete job offer and that no privileged labour is available for the concrete activity and that the conditions of employment are comparable to those of domestic workers (labour market test). Specialised teams of experts from employment offices in Essen, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Stuttgart are responsible for authorising residence permits. The residence permit for qualified employment is a temporary right of residence.

The time limit is linked to the duration of the employment. The residence permit may be issued and renewed under certain conditions. The conditions laid down in the authorisation of the employment services are included in the residence permit. Since 1 August 1, 2012, foreign graduates with a German university degree or other recognised degree or a foreign diploma comparable to a German diploma can enter Germany to find a job. Holders of a job search visa can stay up to six months in Germany to look for a job. To obtain a visa for job seekers, it is sufficient for applicants to prove their university degree and prove that they can support themselves for the duration of their intended stay. During the job search, job seekers cannot work, either on an independent basis or otherwise.

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