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For risk aversion, it would seem to pay for the extension of the manufacturer`s warranty (technically a renewed service contract), albeit for rest reasons. However, third-party companies that negotiate expanded guarantees are notoriously dubious – and often claim to be legitimate providers, that they are only proven to be fraudulent for months or years. Depends on your risk tolerance. For many, the few thousand dollars spent in a few years for a manufacturer-backed warranty are a small price to pay for peace of mind that if something breaks, it will be repaired with very little effort. As with most types of insurance, the money users pay for the extended warranty is usually more than they will ever be out of the plan. But for some, it`s worth speculating about whether a damaged part could end up putting its car in a very expensive garage. While not all third-party companies that sell extended warranties are fraudulent, there are several warning signs that could be fraudulent. If you buy a manufacturer`s extended warranty on your new or used car, you can be sure that if your car breaks down, professional mechanics trained with original parts in a certified workshop will put your car back into service. On the other hand, third-party warranty suppliers have no commercial relationship with the company that manufactured your car. Often these third-party plans do not cover essential repairs, so their customers stay high and dry when it`s most important. Federal Communications Commission.

“Beware of car warranty fraud.” Go to September 8, 2020. Whether you choose a manufacturer-guaranteed warranty, extended warranty from third parties or no warranty, be sure to read the fine print and do your research before investing in anything. Your wallet will thank you later. All expanded safeguards should not be avoided like the plague. If you decide to buy, here`s how to choose wisely: U.S. Federal Trade Commission. “FTC is offering $4 million in full refunds to people who were tricked into buying Bogus` Extended Auto Warranties. Go to September 8, 2020. Have you ever received a surprising call or a sinister letter warning you that your car`s warranty will soon expire and ask you to buy an extended warranty? If so, you are not alone. And you should exercise caution.

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