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But quality comes at a price, which in this case is slightly higher costs than other German mobile phone providers. Tarifhaus will be a perfect fit for anybody who is looking for a contract with A great advantage of 1&1 is that you can choose between different mobile networks. Deutsche Telekom has been rated best German mobile network 3 times in a row by several popular consumer magazines, such as ‘Connect’ and ‘Chip’. Great deals combined with the flexibility of choosing your favorite mobile phone and network paired with their outstanding customer service make for a great combination. Datenautomatik means that after you used up your monthly limit of mobile data the provider is allowed to book up to (usually) 3 times per month some more mobile data for extra cost. Once you even ran out these 3 extra times they will cut your mobile internet speed until the new month. We have been made aware that some people were charged more than they should have been with their contract and they did not understand why. You never know, if you need to move away again from Germany at least you are not stuck with a 24 months contract. This is something you are really going to appreciate if you’ve ever had a mobile provider that only provided bad signal that made it impossible to have long calls.

o2 recently became the biggest German mobile provider after merging with Eplus. Also some companies will offer contracts that can be terminated monthly while other contracts are for a minimum duration of 24 months. Worst company ever. been client for almost 10 years…. tried to cancel my contract and need to speak every time with other employee and to explain why and what happened all over again. terrible! After sorting out your German mobile phone provider it is time to consider signing up with a German internet provider or get German cable TV. Do you want an easy way to change your contract or update your profile? Simply log in with your customer number and password. Our VIDEO: 1&1 Control-Center (Web) provides help with login.

Wow. Not only has the service always been bad with 1 und 1 but they do not even send me a letter to tell me that my contract is coming to an end so my work office internet doesn`t work when i arrive one morning. I am then told i have to pay for a technician to come out to connect it again even though the cable is all still connected. I then have to wait 2 weeks for a new connection. What a terrible and unacceptable service. Ive now gone to T mobile even though i may have to wait up to 6 weeks for a new connection just to get away from them! This means that they are probably a good pick already, as many of your friends might have a contract with them. You only pay for what you really need. If you do not need a mobile flat rate for all German mobile providers, or the fastest mobile internet available, then you just pick the package that suits you best, which means you can save a lot of money. So here’s one tip: if you do live in a village, the best thing to do would be to ask your neighbors which German mobile provider they are with, and how good – or bad – their signal usually is.

If you are not sure how long you will stay in Germany, signing up for a monthly contract would be a great idea. Der große Vorteil einer All-Net-Flat liegt darin, dass Sie mobiles Internet, SMS-Dienst und Telefonie zu einem monatlichen Festpreis bekommen. Dafür können Sie die einzelnen Dienstleistungen mit voller Kostenkontrolle in Anspruch nehmen – ohne Aufpreis und versteckte Zusatzkosten. Telefonieren Sie für 0 ct/min in alle deutschen Handynetze, oder surfen Sie auf dem Weg zur Arbeit mit Ihrem Handy im Internet – mit der Gewissheit, dass Sie am Ende des jeweiligen Monats lediglich den Ihnen bekannten Festpreis bezahlen. Alle Smartphone-Tarife sind außerdem mit einer SMS Flat ausgestattet, mit der Sie sorglos Kurznachrichten in alle deutschen Handynetze verschicken können. Right now they also are ahead of competition when it comes to LTE and mobile internet.

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