Anatomy of a Twitter microservice

Here’s a small presentation which was created as we’ve tried to build a microservice for our in-house Device Detection solution. As part of that exercise, we’ve adopted the Twitter microservice stack and this presentation will try to dissect the cross-cutting concerns a microservice stack has to deal with. We called this service affectionally µWURFL as it mimics the paid cloud WURFL service which we hope with their permission will be open-sourced (the and binary dependencies will still require a deal with ScientiaMobile, which is totally worth it!)ScientiaMobile showed itself as a great partner and their API was very easy to integrate with.The bath time is one of the most important things of the day. Parents should enjoy bath time almost as much as the children do and a good bath time can lead to a smooth bedtime as the children are already nice and warm and relaxed, for this reason es important that the parents uses bath toys to make this time more enjoyable, in infantcore you can find the reviews of the best bath toys.