Initial release of jira-maven-plugin

Several months ago I found a plugin made by George Gastaldi which allows performing some common JIRA actions when performing the version release on JIRA on release, creating the next release as well as generating the release notes.

Unfortunately our JIRA version doesn’t support the WSDL API but it does the REST API so I decided to fork the repo in the hope one day I’ll find the time to do so.
Yesterday was that day, I wrapped my sleeves, imported the dependency against the atlassian jira rest client and started to chop and migrate code over the new API.

There are no tests yet, the code is probably broken but the basis are there. I plan to add a couple of things as well, the release and tagging will not be performed unless all tasks with the given fixVersion are not closed/resolved and I’d like to generate some stats as part of the release.

If you feel adventurous and would like to help out as well, feel free to include the plugin to you project, how to do so can be found on the

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