Borland/Codegear read user feedback

As I’m registered on the Borland developer network up until now I’ve been given the chance to answer two polls on the road they should take in the future. I personally dropped using the JBuilder IDE long time ago as it started to have too great machine requirements and also because of it’s mostly commercial orientation (something I didn’t need back then). When I received the last poll I’ve been using Eclipse in and out (and also tried their excellent Together for Eclipse IDE for architects) so as I was really hooked up on it I of course gave full support for to migrate JBuilder to Eclipse as well. Personally I don’t really know what did the JBuilder community loose with this nor do I care to make any comments on JBuilder 2007 but what I find really great about Borland is that they do these polls and actually take the time to analyze what do their potential and current users want. I really think that is a positive attitude towards software development that I hope in the long run will help CodeGear recover the grounds on the IDE market.

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