Omondo vs Soyatec?

Couple of weeks ago I’ve tried a UML designer by Soyatec. They had a nice web page and a free version of the tool so I said to myself why not. In fact I must say I liked it very much even though it has some limitations over the commercial version and a bug in diagram exporting. It also features a nice reverse engineering of your existing code to a Class diagram.

The first thing I noticed was that it didn’t do any stories that my project was in code repository. This is a strong drawback that the free edition of Omondo has, a tool that I’ve tried on numerous occasions and also always had issues with projects that are in version control. One more thing I don’t like about OmondoUML was the fact that it used annotations in the documentation (ala xdoclet), instead separate files.

So there I was browsing the eclipse site and looking of new eclipse plugins to pick up when I saw this nasty thread on the EclipseDatabase plugin. It would seem that Soyatec was founded by ex-Omondo employees and Omondo is having issues with the Database plugin that Soyatec now distributes.

I think it would be ashame if Omondo sued Soyatec. The UML plugin shows some great potential and if a suit gets filed the only one that will get payed in the end will be layers and not developers, it’ll only set back both Omondo and Soyatec. Does anyone have any more info on this matter?

That said I think Omondo has really *great* modelling tools, even beside the doclet annotations and project-in-versioning issues. In fact I think I’ll download their latest plugin for the just released Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) which seems to bring very nice features on the table and I hope they are putting their modeling informations using the eclipse metamodel and in separate files.

To Omondo and Soyatec,

You are competitors, but  you should put your axes aside and do what you do best and compete on technical merits, if you start litigations other projects can and will surpass both of you. Be good.

One Response to “Omondo vs Soyatec?”

  1. Schrepfler says:

    I have to report that it would seem that Soyatec also puts doclet tags in your code.