Month: July 2007

  • My new favourite NetBeans 6.0 feature

    I was programming away when I unintentionally deleted a file by mistake. As by law, that same file was modified and not committed in the svn repository. Thankfully NetBeans has a slick local history as well and you can revert a deleted file. This just saved my evening. While the subversion support in NetBeans was […]

  • Borland/Codegear read user feedback

    As I’m registered on the Borland developer network up until now I’ve been given the chance to answer two polls on the road they should take in the future. I personally dropped using the JBuilder IDE long time ago as it started to have too great machine requirements and also because of it’s mostly commercial […]

  • Quercus, a Java PHP implementation

    The fine people of Caucho Technology did a 100% Java implementation of PHP5 (released under GPL) called Quercus. While I don’t know PHP as well as Yoghi it presents a interesting platform that has an enormous community. As always, having choice is a great thing and this look like a really promising project that could […]

  • Principi web della BBC

    Leggendo questo blog non potevo riportare la lista : Realizza prodotti che incontrino le necessità del tuo pubblico I migliori siti web fanno una sola cosa, e la fanno molto bene Non cercare di fare tutto da solo, inserisci collegamenti ad altri siti di qualità Sperimenta e verifica velocemente, itera Tratta tutto il web come […]

  • Eclipse 3.3 : Europe

    Bhe oggi ho deciso di aggiornare eclipse (si si quel mattone basato su java) e cosa ottengo un bellissimo stack error: * run-java-tool is not available for sun-jdk-1.4 on i686 * IMPORTANT: some Java tools are not available on some VMs on some architectures *** glibc detected *** /opt/phpide/eclipse: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x080721c8 […]

  • Scanner Epson 1670 Perfection/Photo

    Se di recente avete avuto dei problemi con questo scanner (Epson 1670, ma credo valga in generale), ma prima andava, forse è colpa del vostro ultimo aggiornamento kernel. Tra le opzioni (DEVICE DRIVER) dell’USB c’è quella sul WAKE/RESUME (EXPERIMENTAL) che causa problemi con sane, basta toglierla e il vostro scanner tornerà a funzionare perfettamente. Enjoy.

  • Omondo vs Soyatec?

    Couple of weeks ago I’ve tried a UML designer by Soyatec. They had a nice web page and a free version of the tool so I said to myself why not. In fact I must say I liked it very much even though it has some limitations over the commercial version and a bug in […]