Month: February 2007

  • Javascript Graphing

    I’ve noticed this interesting wrapper to prototype that allows you to print some interesting Canvas/SVG graphs. It seems it’s a new trend these days and we can see dojo is also experimenting with a graphing component. On the other hand if you prefer a Java server side image generator that doesn’t require a browser with […]

  • Newsmap

    One really nice and innovative approach to visualizing news comes from Marcos Weskamp that made a treemap implementation in Flash, aggregating news from the Google news service. It’s funny that something so Web 2.0 comes from 2004. Permalink notizie italiane.

  • Putting the Calendar API to history

    If anyone of you has worked even just a little bit with the Calendar API I’m sure you have found that it’s very unintuitive and not very functional. An excellent library that manages to fix a lot of aches that the plain JDK delivers is Joda Time. I’ve started using it in my current project […]