Month: January 2007

  • Open iPhone petition

    Sigmalab stands behind the petition to open up iPhone to third party applications. We realize that there is no concrete news yet but we feel a strong signal to Apple is in order.

  • iPhone

    I have seen the movies. I have seen the keynote. Like always Jobs gives a stunning show, a great comeback after the one where people felt he didn’t give his best. He’s back. It’s THE most interesting piece of mobile device I have seen, ever. I as a geek, phone user, mp3 wannabe, net-a-holic anonymous, […]

  • Pattern: Command

    Recentemente mi sono imbattuto per motivi universitari in questo pattern. La sua funzione quale è? cito dal wiki di UgiDotNet [che si ispira da DoFactory]: Il design pattern Command permette (alla classe Client) di incapsulate una richiesta, ossia un comando (Execute) da eseguire ed i suoi parametri (state), sotto forma di oggetto (ConcreteCommand) da usare […]

  • jspArt project kicks off

    After having talked about it I have finally decided to kick start jspart. There’s nothing too functional there yet but the model is there and the DAO layer should be almost ready and the first implementation is based on JPA. The project is published on Google Code and you can visit the project page here. […]