Yahoo! UI Library Theather and random javascript stuff

I’ve stumbled over a blog that pointed me to a 4 part video lesson on javascript held by Yahoo! JavaScript Architect Douglas Crockford called “The Javascript programming language” and I must say I enjoyed it very much. It certainly cleared up some doubts that I’ve had so I’m recommending it to everyone. One excellent tip is the existence of JSLint tool and I intent on using it often when I write my own javascript. This whole thing lead me to the Yahoo! UI Library Theather video presentations where there is plenty of material to look at including more advanced stuff from Crockford and a presentation from the author of firebug Joe Hewitt.

I’ve always snubbed a little bit the entire Yahoo! development community but I must admit that all things I’ve seen so far are always of professional quality and excellent documentation. They really seem to digg Web 2.0 (pun intended) :). One thing I noted is that Crockford doesn’t encourage the use of $ which is used quite a lot by my favorite javascript library prototype so I was put down to earth a bit.

I’m also getting interested in GWT and I can’t wait to see it grow with time. I really like that the js produced that gets to the client is custom made for the UI that you create and you can avoid sending huge js files which is an issue with most plain old js libraries.

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