EasyBeans on Jetty

Very soon (it should come out with the next pre-release of jetty 6.1.0) Jetty will come out with the EasyBeans EJB3 container that (hopefully) means just as you were able to quicken your web application development cycle with Jetty standalone, you might accelerate as well you EJB development cycle.
EasyBeans is an open source implementation by ObjectWeb of the EJB3 container specification.
Now we have to wait and see just how capable of a container EasyBeans is but ObjectWeb is getting a very good reputation in the enterprise java space and just the fact that EasyBeans builds on the OSGi infrastucture promises some nifty stuff. I bet Jetty and EasyBeans are to become even more popular now. The question burning inside right now is: would Pitchfork work as well?

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