Search engine mistery

I wanted to see stats on what our visitors use as browser. I was expecting to see firefox first as the 2,5 people that write on this blog (and read it too) use firefox but to my great surprise the two highest visitors were… search crawlers!
ConveraCrawler/0.9d (+ 70 19.1 %
msnbot/1.0 (+ 47 12.8 %
This means we have a small audience and that search engines actively sweep blogs. I was surprised to see msnbot (say world domination three times really fast) but even more this converacrawler which I don’t know who’s is it.
Then there is a flow of various ffox versions (put together they are more then 20% of the traffic, some small amount of IE 4%) and other browsers.
Other crawlers that paid a visit were:
Baiduspider+(+ 2 0.5 %
BlogPulse (ISSpider-3.0) 2 0.5 %
BlogSearch/1.0 + 2 0.5 %

So… all together people scan blogs.

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