My first real business project

Well, I’ve been contacted to do a real enterprise software along with a friend of mine and we’ve done about 5 days of passing over the requirements, documentation, setting of the build environment and it’s getting a real feat in both psychological, physical and mental sense. And we’re still scratching the bare surface. Deadline is December 31’st 2005. I hope to share all software developing experience that we’ll use in our process with the readers of this blog. Stay tuned!
PS. Does anyone know whether a form can be compiled on a iPaq and be sent to a server having attached a real signature to it? If not does anyone knows what hardware do companies like DHL or UPS use to take your signature and send data back to their backend? Also do you know if any of these devices apart from having internet capability have capability to connect to the GSM/GPRS or the UMTS networks?
PPS. Wish us luck ­čÖé

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