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Extreme Programming practices (XP)

Monday, May 30th, 2005

The planning game: Quickly determine the scope of the next release by combining business priorities and technical estimates.
As reality overtakes the plan, update the plan.
Small releases: Put a simple system into production quickly, then release new versions on a very short cycle.
Metaphor: Guide all development with a simple shared story of how the whole system works.
Simple design: The system should be designed as simply as possible at any given moment. Extra complexity is removed as
soon as it is discovered.
Testing: Programmers continually write unit tests, which must run flawlessly for development to continue. Customers write
tests demonstrating that features are finished.
Refactoring: Programmers restructure the system without changing its behavior to remove duplication, improve
communication, simplify, or add flexibility.
Pair programming: All production code is written with two programmers at one machine.
Collective ownership: Anyone can change any code anywhere in the system at any time.
Continuous integration: Integrate and build the system many times a day, every time a task is completed.
40-hour week: Work no more than 40 hours a week as a rule. Never work overtime a second week in a row.
On-site customer: Include a real, live user on the team, available full-time to answer questions.
Coding standards: Programmers write all code in accordance with rules emphasizing communication through the code.

I took this from somewhere but I don’t remember where from.

Monodevelop 0.7

Saturday, May 28th, 2005

Eccoci qua a provare monodevelop 0.7 sotto la mia romboante gentoo; per prima cosa smasckeriamo i pacchetti che ci serviranno :

dev-dotnet/libgdiplus ~x86
dev-lang/mono ~x86
dev-dotnet/gtk-sharp ~x86
dev-util/monodevelop ~x86
x11-libs/cairo ~x86
x11-libs/gtksourceview ~x86
dev-dotnet/gecko-sharp ~x86
dev-dotnet/gtksourceview-sharp ~x86
dev-dotnet/gnome-sharp ~x86
dev-dotnet/art-sharp ~x86
dev-dotnet/gnomevfs-sharp ~x86
dev-dotnet/glade-sharp ~x86
dev-dotnet/gconf-sharp ~x86
dev-dotnet/gtkhtml-sharp ~x86
dev-dotnet/ikvm-bin ~x86


Arrivati a questo punto potete dare
emerge -auv monodevelop
e alla fine dell’installazione dovreste avere :

Monodevelop 0.7 thumb

init deamons evolution

Monday, May 9th, 2005

Lately there’s a bit of buzz on ‘improving’ the SysV init system. For instance Apple has introduced the launchd with few goodies like launching processes in parallel, writing configuration in xml (great for tools), responding to system events (as I understood it) and also ways to query it and act accordingly. Here is a better review. I think that Apple has released launchd as open source though it’s to be seen whether it’s GPL compatible (I’m a bit skeptic on Apple’s opening to open source as they are notoriously closed company). Solaris is also going open source so they are to going to introduce interesting ideas in this area as well.
However what I really wanted to blog about was initng. It’s a new small project that is having some big momentum these couple of days. The bootchart graphs show some really great speed improvements that can be obtained by launching daemons in parallel and let’s hope something useful will come out. One side note though, SysV has worked for years, do we need to complicate it more? Or better yet, can we make it more simple but more powerful (read better tools, better standards and stable interfaces).

Unofficial gentoo development guide.

Monday, May 2nd, 2005

The best thing about gentoo is the excellent documentation. This unofficial development guide helps in understanding the ins and outs of the gentoo portage and more.

AJAX links

Sunday, May 1st, 2005

I’m putting Ajax on my list of thechnologies to learn. These are just a couple of links with helpful libraries and informations.Link, link,link,link.